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qbittorrent-nox kills the speed on my server

Posted: Tue Jan 14, 2020 12:28 pm
by wibblewobble
I'm running qbittorrent-nox on an Ubuntu 18 server, and I access it via a web browser from a laptop on my LAN. I've also got qbittorrent running on the laptop itself, and both the laptop and server are running nordvpn.

If I run a speed test, using the speedtest CLI, before I start qbittorrent on the server, these are the results:

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    Latency:    20.64 ms   (4.61 ms jitter)
   Download:   102.39 Mbps (data used: 112.5 MB)
     Upload:     7.40 Mbps (data used: 7.4 MB)
Packet Loss:     0.0%
As soon as I start qbittorrent (sudo systemctl start qbittorrent) and rerun the speed test, these are the results (**Note:** I've not added a torrent at this stage):

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    Latency:    21.65 ms   (2.05 ms jitter)
   Download:    22.04 Mbps (data used: 17.0 MB)
     Upload:     8.73 Mbps (data used: 4.4 MB)
When I then add a torrent, via the web UI, using the IP/port on the laptop, the speed is atrocious and after 5 seconds is in a status of stalled.