Blak arrow meaning

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Blak arrow meaning

Post by sirio81 » Sun Feb 09, 2020 12:06 am

Hi, I'm running qbittorent-nox 4.1.5 on debian 10.
I recently changed router but the connection is still the same (FTTC 100MBit/s down and 30Mbit up).
I chose port 5001 and is forwarded to qbittorrent pc (both tp and udp).
I have a public IP (no CGN).
I'm seeding several torrent and I notice that only one of them is sending data (blu arrow).
All the others torrents have the black arrow icon.
What's the meaning of the black arrow?
I tried to force resume and the icons turned blue but still no data is sent.
I also paused the only working torrent and the upload is 0 K/s.

Right now I tried to pause them all and seed only a debian iso image.
I see: seed 0(556) ppers 18636) but 0 k/s upload.

Could you give me an advice?

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