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Not recognizing my hard drives.

Posted: Tue Mar 17, 2020 11:18 am
by an0nymouse
I recently switched from Windows to Linux for my media PC. Loving it so far other than the issue i am having with my beloved qBittorrent.

qBittorent installs and works with one major (to me) issue. It does not recognize my internal Data drive or my external USB drive. I can only download torrents to my operating system SSD drive. When i try to change the download path there is no option to select either of my data drives.

I am currently running Pop! OS, but i have tried several distros and qBittorent has this exact issue for me in all of them.

I have also tried Ktorrent and Deluge and both have this issue as well.

However, Transmission client works perfectly. I can change the download path to either of my data drives if i wish.

I would really prefer to use qBittorent if possible.

Has anyone ever experienced this issue before and solved it?