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How to migrate current qBittorrent environment (configuration, torrents, etc) to same OS on different machine

Posted: Mon Jul 27, 2020 7:56 pm
by Zongdang
I have successfully been running qBittorrent on Ubuntu on my PC for several years now but want to move it to a guest VM of the same version of Ubuntu in Virtualbox so I can stop tying up my host machine with the VPN and firewall settings used when torrenting. I recently started using Virtualbox to run a Windows XP guest machine in which I run my planning software that has never run properly in Vista, Win7, or Win8 (even using the built in XP modes of those OS's). The developer stopped working on the application so it was never available in an updated version for newer OS's (and never was available in a Linux flavor, of course). It runs beautifully in a Virtualbox Windows XP guest in which I have sequestered that environment completely from the network and only use it for the planning software.

After I successfully set that up I realized I could take advantage of creating a guest machine specifically for torrenting so that VPN and firewall limitations used for that guest machine would not affect my host computer. I have scoured the internet (and this forum) trying to find how to port/migrate/move an existing qBittorrent setup from one Linux box to another and have only found information relating to how to do that from Windows or from another torrent client. Moving my setup from the host Ubuntu to a guest Ubuntu environment would be the same as moving from one physical Ubuntu machine to another. As I have 3,112 completed torrents that I am seeding I do not want to lose their upload ratio and have to start them all from scratch. I realize that I could force recheck all the files still downloading but that only determines how much you have downloaded and what needs to be downloaded. That does not recover the ratio and would take forever anyway. Hopefully I have overlooked the information I need to accomplish what I need to do and one of you kind people can point me in the right direction.