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Alternate WebUI only works 1 time, breaks down after close/open browser

Posted: Sun Jan 10, 2021 2:20 am
by THFNya
Hello! I use qBittorrent-NOX on OMV (Linux Debian). Version 4.1.5. It work, but regular WebUI interface does not suit me. Reason - checkbox "create subfolder" don't work - if I unchek it, subfolder is still created. I try Alternate WebUI, which are listed on the page: ... ate-WebUIs
I try "VueTorrent" and "qbittorrent-webui-react". Checkbox work correctly in "VueTorrent" - subfolder is not created. But I have problem. After I set alternate WebUI in settings of programm, page automaticaly refreshing and I have result and work. Good. But, if I open page in other browser, device, or I close and open same browser, or I open page of qBittorrent WebUI in private mode, I have white blank screen with one line: "Недопустимый тип файла, разрешены только стандартные файлы.". It incorrect coding page, Western Europe. I change it to correct - Unicode, and I have text "Недопустимый тип файла, разрешены только стандартные файлы.". It's russian (I'm russian), translate "Invalid file type, only standard files are allowed.". Such a problem is observed on both trying alternate interfaces. Standard WebUI work always.
Thus, alternate WebUI only works 1 time before I close a browser, then I have to reset the settings in the configuration file. And install the interface again.
For what reason maybe such a problem and how to fix it?