Download from URLs in WebUI doesn't make a new line

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Download from URLs in WebUI doesn't make a new line

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I can't figure out how to make a new line in the "Download Torrents from their URLs or Magnet links." I tried hitting enter and it just inserts a tab. If I put in multiple links, it does catch them all but it's all one long line. So it seems to be a display issue.
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Re: Download from URLs in WebUI doesn't make a new line

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Summary: A magnet entry in the "Download from URLs" will work and create a transfer entry. A https entry does not.

When I use the WebUI, I click on view and enable the "search engine". This shows a "search tab". Clicking on the search tab, and having valid "search plugins" loaded, I get a list of results. If the result came from limetor, I notice that there is a url (https://) listed when I click on download. If I click on PirateBay, then I see a magnet (magnet:). If it is a magnet entry, I can click download button at the bottom of the popped up window, and I see that entry is created on the "transfers" tab.

If there is only a http entry showing in the modal Download from URLs window, I can click on show on open description page. This opens the web browser to the description page for this torrent. On that page I can copy the magnet link and past it into the "Download from URLs" window or click the "add torrent link" button and it will register in the transfer list.

Anyone else:
1. Why do URls not get entered into the transfer list using the the "Download from URLs" modal window?
2. Why do the search plugins return urls from some sites and magnets from others? How do make it magnets for all?
3. The GUI works for either of the result locations types when download is clicked (once the metadata is loaded). Why is the behaviour different?

Thank you!!!
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