Use qBittorrent purely as a tracker

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Use qBittorrent purely as a tracker

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Hello folks, first post.

I've used the search engine, but it keeps complaining I am using too common words. Sorry if this has been asked before, but:

Can I use Use qBittorrent purely as a tracke?r

By that, I mean, I install on Ubuntu server, have no files on the server, but just use qBittorrent as my announce URL?

I am playing around with xbtit and having trouble with the SQL to get the tracker working. I want to try qBittorrent.

So the server has no files stored on it, they'll be elsewhere on the Web, I'll give the server URL as the announce address, and tell the server the torrent hashes.

Does that make sense?

Talk to you all later.
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Re: Use qBittorrent purely as a tracker

Post by unseen19 »


Direct peer to peer is possible with the torrent protocol if you enter the peer address manually: one QBT with the file on the machine should be able to server another client on the web if this last one enter your public IP/torrent address manually. But this is not really something this way you want I think.

Maybe other idea:
- deploy your own private tracker
- register your torrent on a public tracker

(sorry If I miss your goal :) )
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