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0B, 0% Done or Failed to open URI "file//media..." after migrating to Linux Lite

Posted: Tue Aug 31, 2021 10:29 am
by Lowcostcowlost
Hi everyone,

I am absolutely new to Linux and also rookie for qBittorrent. This week, I repurposed a 14-year-old HP laptop for running Linux Lite 32 Bit, and installed qBittorrent v4.1.9.1. I have an NTFS external hard drive with the torrent files, and HDSentinel finds it 100% healthy.

Previously I used Windows 10 and uTorrent, and it worked fine (except the sluggish system, that is why I moved to Linux Lite).

Now I added my torrent files to qBittorrent, and it checked all. 70% of the files are running fine, that is, after adding them, qBittorrent displays the correct file size downloaded, then 100% Done, and seeding.

But it went differently with 25% of the files. It displays 0 Byte downloaded, 0.0% done, and still seeding. When clicking on these active torrents, the correct folder opens pointing to the file.
And with the remaining few files, it displays also 0 Byte downloaded, 0.0% done, but when clicking on them, I get a pop-up window with the following error: Failed to open URI "file//media...". So, I pointing to the correct folder. So I do a right click, set location (manually), point to the correct folder and file, and click: choose. But after that, the error comes back: Failed to open URI "file//media...".

I am not sure what is going on... Any idea?
(please, ignore that I am a complete noob for these things).

Re: 0B, 0% Done or Failed to open URI "file//media..." after migrating to Linux Lite

Posted: Wed Sep 01, 2021 7:45 pm
by Lowcostcowlost
Now I could verify with the admins of the torrent site that they see my seeding at their end. But there is no effective upload going on.
With uTorrent on Windows 10 I make usually 30 Gb a day. Here I made 1.7 Gb. Unusually low. All my up speeds are 0 B/s.

Re: 0B, 0% Done or Failed to open URI "file//media..." after migrating to Linux Lite

Posted: Thu Sep 02, 2021 12:10 pm
by Peter
- I kinda fail to see the reason why you'd use such an old junk PC. even a raspberry pi is more efficient/safe and barely costs a dime. you can also literally dumpster dive laptops or iMacs that have Core2Duo or even Core i3 CPUs.
- try a different distro that has a fresh qBittorrent. ArchBang for example?
- make sure you are port forwarded on the router to a static IP and that you do NOT rely on UPnP. for this to work, the laptop must use the same IP on the network all the time.