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Post by seano » Thu Dec 12, 2019 5:39 pm

I am new to this so not sure how it works, but I keep getting tagged for my ratio being low and a fried of mine suggested that i look at my trackers, well, they are all list as not working, so having gone down the port forward route and ported my ip address and then bittorrent listening port and the embedded port I am sadly no further forward, I downloaded a small torrent file and the trackers for that are one working while the other is not, but everything that is showing as completed have no tracker activity which to me sounds correct ? could someone please put me straight, thank you.


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Re: Trackers

Post by Peter » Sat Dec 21, 2019 10:12 am


So... "trackers"... is the software that literally "tracks" your activity... kinda makes sense.
It tracks people what they upload, how much they upload, etc.
Think of it like this. The interface - the website you open and search for torrents, upload new ones - is like the skin on your body.
The tracker is the organs, the inside of your body. It makes things work.

So, enough with the silly analogy.

3 things.
1) IF you seed from home connections: You need to have a port forwarded connection. It's not too hard to set up at home, but keep in mind. If you live in a country where p2p is heavily hunted, you should use a VPN to torrent. KEEP IN MIND. If your VPN has no port forward, you'll have the same bad speeds.

So, again.
- If you have no p2p laws in the country: Have open port forward. YOU NEED a fast upload to keep up.
- If you have p2p laws, get a VPN with port forward. Windscribe, Mullvad, Torguard are three examples.

2) People usually "buffer". That means you rent a cheap server or seedbox and just seed a LOT in a short period of time. Most home users need this to stay afloat. It's just how it is. Just rent a dedicated server or a seedbox. Seedbox like "Ultraseedbox" is way easier, I'd 100% say go with that. You don't even need to know the technical bits. If you rent a dedicated, go to "" and get the 1TB Atom machines for example. Once you log in, you can pick "Seedbox" ISO and it'll install everything for you. Seedbox is easier.

3) You have to choose what to seed. This is the toughest.
- You need to hop on new torrents very quickly so you are in the first ones to seed for the rest.
- You need to grab only FREELEECH torrents, otherwise your ratio will just get much worse.

Uh I know this is all confusing... It's something you need to learn. Sorry.
Just keep asking until all your confusion / questions are gone AND you can hop on our Discord to get near-real time answers.

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