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Seeding Torrents-Zero Upload Speed

Posted: Sat Jan 18, 2020 1:04 am
by aardvaark
I recently downloaded a really popular torrent and it was showing that I had 90 Peers on it. Yet I had 0 upload speed. I just checked again today and am down to 40 and still nothing. What am I doing wrong? I want to share it but nothing is happening. Thanks for any info.

Re: Seeding Torrents-Zero Upload Speed

Posted: Sun Mar 22, 2020 7:30 am
by postcd
It would be interesting to see the page which announce that number of peers (leechers).
Check Trackers tab of that torrent.
Check icon in the qbt status bar on the bottom if it is green or orange/yellow (may suggest your port is not open and less peers will connect you)