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How many trackers should I use when seeding?

Posted: Thu Jun 11, 2020 11:34 pm
by Windrider6
I am seeding a new torrent with new files for the first time. I am long time user of uTorrent, but just switched to qBittorrent.

It has never been clear to me how many trackers I should have in the list, and if/how I should use tiers. When downloading a torrent, it hasn't matter too much, but I am now seeding a new torrent.

How many trackers should I have? Is a big list of trackers good? Bad?

Tracker tiers: Is it better to group the trackers into tiers, or have every one in its own tier?

If a popular tracker people say is good, isn't working, or works intermittently, should I just remove it from the list? Or should I ask for help here to figure out why it isn't working?