Assistance with seeding multiple torrents

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Assistance with seeding multiple torrents

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Please will someone assist me with seeding multiple torrents.

I'm working on a personal project to re-create a tracker. Unfortunately the old tracker had severe server problems and wasn't able to be recovered. So the team has built a new tracker and has asked the community to look through their downloaded torrents and to publish them to the new tracker. I have published about 600 new torrents, which I am currently seeding. I have also downloaded about 400 other torrents created by other people. All downloading has completed, so I am seeding about 1000 torrents. Of those, about 125 have a status of Seeding (including about 90 which are Stalled Uploading). The remainder have a status of Queued.

As I publish new torrents, I can see that I am actively uploading torrents - some people start leeching as soon as the new torrent is available.

Our new tracker has views of Dead / Dying torrents, i.e. those that have leechers but no seeders. On checking this list, I find that I am seeding many of these Dead / Dying torrents, but the torrent is generally in Queued status. As an experiment, I have changed these to Force Resume status and for some, they immediately start uploading. At the point I make this change the status to Force Resume, there are only 1 or 2 torrents that are actively uploading.

Maybe my understanding is incorrect, but I would have expected qBittorrent to automatically recognise a request from a leecher and to start the upload automatically. Am I correct here? If so, why are these torrents not starting automatically?

I realise there are settings that can limit the number of active torrents, but I don't believe these have been exceeded at the time I do the Force Resume.

My other question is why are there about 90 torrents which are Stalled Uploading? If I randomly select, say 10 of these, and do a Force Resume, it doesn't make a difference to the number - I assume 10 are moved from Queued to Stalled Uploading. I don't understand what Stalled Uploading means and if I need to be concerned about these?

I'm running qBittorrent v4.3.0.1 on a Windows 10 PC. My options are set as follows:

Use UPnP / NAT-PMP port forwarding from my router is checked on
Global maximum number of connections - 1000
Maximum number of connections per torrent - 50
Global maximum number of upload slots - 300
Maximum number of upload slots per torrent - 40

Global rate limits - upload - 20000 KiB/s
download - 30000 Kib/s
Alternative Rate limits - upload - 180000 KiB/s
download - 215000 KiB/s

Torrent Queuing is enabled
Maximum active downloads - 50
Maximum active uploads - 500
Maximum active torrents - 100
Do not count slow torrent in these limits is NOT enabled

My home broadband service is very good and I've not noticed any impact from running qBittorrent. I ran a speed test from my iPad (which is on my WiFi network) and the upload and download rates were about 89 Mbps and 29 Mbps respectively. My PC has a cable connection to my router.

I'd appreciate any advice / guidance please - I don't think I should have to check our view of Dead / Dying torrents and manually intervene to get my torrents seeding.

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