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Good rmorning,

Can a person use blocklists in qBittorrent? I have read that you can add a blocklist to: ~/.config/qBittorrent/ipfilter.dat, however I don't see anywhere in the logs that it is picking it up when I restart qBittorrent, so how can I tell if if is working?

It would be great if there is a option in the frontend where you can simply add a blocklist and it imports it for you automatically. Or is there something like that and I missed it?

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Re: Blocklist

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In the client, Options -> Connection and at bottom: "IP Filtering".
Keep in mind, IP blockers/filters just hurt speeds, swarms, peers, trackers. It's never ever been useful. Please don't use them.

If you live in a strict anti-p2p country, please use a VPN (with port forwarding.) If you can't use a VPN, use a seedbox.
IP filtering is a humbug.
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