value deviation between columns "Done" and "Progress"

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value deviation between columns "Done" and "Progress"

Post by pyriel »

Here is a question purely out of couriosity since it has absolutely no bearing on the functionality of the programm:

especially when downloading a torrent with a single file you will find that there is a deviation between the progress displayed under "Done" in the list of torrents under the tab "Transfers" and the progress value displayed in the "Content" tab for an individual torrent.

"Done" will always display a few percentile more than "Progress" when both should be caculating the same value using the same method - namely dividing the accumaled amount of data by 1/100 of it's whole amount. Is this due to a difference in using kb / kib or the order/timing of the executed operations since they are "real time" calculations?

Perhaps somebody knows and has the time to answer...
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Re: value deviation between columns "Done" and "Progress"

Post by SideshowBob »

I don't see a column called "done" in the torrent list. They are both called "progress" in my qbittorent.

I'm not seeing any difference in the percentage for single file torrents, although all my single file torrents are currently long-term stalled, and it may be something that doesn't survive a restart.
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