Robustness of connection blocking if proxy down?

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Robustness of connection blocking if proxy down?

Post by deuce »

I have the following configuration:

- SOCKS5 proxy enabled with proxy ip and port
- enabled "Use proxy for peer connections"
- filled out username and password

Seems to work fine under normal circumstances but I'm wondering what will happen if the proxy is down. How robust is qBittorrent at preventing leaking of the ip address in various error circumstances given the above configuration?

In the past I've setup iptable rules to prevent all outbound traffic that does not have a destination of the proxy server, but that created some problems on my new install so I've disabled it.

If it matters I'm running qbittorrent-nox on a Raspberry Pi 4 under Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS, and then using the web UI on my Windows 10 machine.
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Re: Robustness of connection blocking if proxy down?

Post by Peter »

Since it only connects through the proxy, there is NO WAY anything will go through your normal IP/connection.
That said, you must set things up properly. In settings, you can set if you want ONLY tracker connections to go through the proxy OR you want EVERYTHING to pass through the proxy. Of course, if you only set "Tracker Only", then the swarm will see your real IP, but the tracker will get your proxy IP. Everything? Only proxy IP can be seen.
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