ruins the sorting method

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Sorting sequence messed up with the latest release.

Earlier when I sorted via 'completed on' date, at the top I was able to see torrents which are currently downloading and also which are paused. Followed by latest downloaded torrents. This is a very good approach and everything that is pending shows at the top.

But with, the devs moved all pending torrents to the bottom. This ruins all the experience because a user wants to see pending/paused torrents along with latest downloaded ones. That is how he decides which to download next, what to keep paused, etc.

Please revert back to older sorting settings.
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Re: ruins the sorting method

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I came here to say this too!

I've always used this method of sorting and the new version of qbittorrent really puts a crimp in the way I use it.
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Re: ruins the sorting method

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Open an issue at Github to see what de devs have to say and maybe there is a reason for it (which I don't know).

If its really an issue it will be looked at.

Please continue on this topic because its the same issue.

Locking this topic, if needed reopening for whatever reason pm me, thanks.