Multiple destination email addresses for notifications?

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Multiple destination email addresses for notifications?

Post by gderf »

I am running the markusmcnugen/qbittorrentvpn image on OpenMediaVault 5.x

I would like to send notification of download complete to multiple email addresses using a comma separated list of addresses. This does not work. Only a single email address can be configured and work.

I also tried running an external program on torrent completion, but this fails because the external program is not available within the container.

Is anyone able to accomplish this?

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Re: Multiple destination email addresses for notifications?

Post by Peter »

You could set up a Mailcow or Postfix rule that would simply forward an incoming email to multiple targets.
But this should be pretty simple to implement (should be). I will check out if it is when I get some time...

Keep in mind though...
- I am no code contributor, so my PR could be so trash they might just end up (rightfully) nuking it.
- The feature has to be exposed in a user-friendly manner. Somehow you have to let them know it exists, but you can't break the existing UI. That's quite hard. There is no hover-over information, no (i) hover icons, nothing. So that's a challenge off the bat.
- In case the UI is blocking when the email send is executed, it might introduce insane freezing. If. I have not used this feature so far, so that's just testing.
- The number of recipients must be limited to some degree I suppose, and IF there is any recipient email address checks in the UI, that must be implemented for each. A separate button for adding and removing emails would be handy, but then, it becomes a bloated feature that maybe <0.0000001% of the users would use.
- There must be a wait introduced between each send to avoid hammering servers. Some email servers also include an hourly limit, but that's already way too much to manage.

So while it seems simple...
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