Is this qBittorrent release safe ?

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Is this qBittorrent release safe ?

Post by Sinisan »

Hello all,

I've got a M1 and despiste of all my tries, I can't have any upload with releases I found here. Download ok, but not upload, even setting max speed to half my max speed (i.e. not setting "unlimited" as it seems to be ok for some people).

Looking for a solution, I found this : ... -831176881

I give it a try, and it looks like "magical", as I can upload again ('s not a ratio problem, just I've got releases people asking me to share).

BUT I really don't like the "unofficial" side : I tried shortly thru VPN of course, but I would like to know if it's safe (i.e. no spyware, no information grabbing, no hacking, no virus, no access to other things qbittorrent should access to).

Two questions :
- Does people already have a "deep" (perhaps reverse engineering ?) to this release ? Or know the guy how made this ?
- Do you have any idea why a so dramatic difference (0 upload for the official, normal upload with this one) difference between the two releases ?

Thank you for your help :)
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Re: Is this qBittorrent release safe ?

Post by Peter »

Unfortunately, there is no way we will ever know if that release is "safe" or not.
Anti-virus engines can scan for some patterns, but they can miss the most obvious stuff too. And "reverse engineering" with such a huge piece of software is a nightmare - it's practically impossible. I'd suggest just waiting for an official release.

I don't have an ETA sadly.
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