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Is there a limitless QBT?

Posted: Sat Jan 25, 2020 2:00 pm
by DownloaderHamberder
For a short while I'm going to need to download a large library of programming books 200+ GB, spread in many torrents of different sizes so I'll need more than 2,000 Global Connections and more than 999 active torrents at the same time, I have both limits unchecked; Does this means that both limits are off and there is no internal limit as indicate on the grayed out boxes?

I need a LIMITLESS QBT, do we have that now or there are mods to do this? Can anyone tell for sure?
I need to put all the torrents on queue and have peace of mind that will not be queued or delayed by QBT client in anyway.

PD: I seed a factor of 2 since my UL=170 KB/s only so big downloads like this take a lot of days to seed, but sadly I have seen many downloaders that seed for a day or just hit and run; if we all seed even at 1.01 ratio, without time limit, there will always be alive torrents, so please spread the word about this, thanks.

Re: Is there a limitless QBT?

Posted: Sat Jan 25, 2020 9:08 pm
by Peter
1) Having more global connections will put more stress on your router and modem. So make sure they can both handle it.
Usually you do NOT need that many connections - in fact you don't even need to raise the limit.

2) If those files are so important, I'd simply rent a seedbox. You can rent one for a week only. Or a month. It won't make you bankrupt and trust me, those things are fast.

3) 200gb is nothing, it's really not much.

Back when the Wikileaks happened and there was this leak in torrent - now THAT was something. I think there were like ... 20-50,000 torrent FILES in the pack? Like JUST TORRENT FILES. My qBittorrent would crash and burn. I mean it was years ago, the client was not as advanced as it is now. But yea, that was nuts. 200gb? Nothing.

Re: Is there a limitless QBT?

Posted: Sun Jan 26, 2020 1:18 pm
by DownloaderHamberder
Sure for an American and dedicated torrenter 200 GB is nothing, but I have realized it's more like 800+ GB, but probably still nothing, but I'm from Bolivia and my max download speed is 700-750 KB/s, so seed boxes here don't exist, you have your computer at home and your modem/router to the Internet and that's it, so in my case it's a big problem, I'm connected 24/7 so that helps, will saturate my biggest 2TB HDD, and even I need to spread opvet the 1 TB with only 135 GB free, can't afford another HDD, anyway, thanks for the explanation.