Raid0 cache, write through & write back.

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Raid0 cache, write through & write back.

Post by fusk » Thu Sep 01, 2016 6:15 pm

I have a raid0 with 60gb ssd cache. But the problem with that is that the cache is read only, it's for mostly used files. I've been reading a bit about write through & write back cache, but don't fully understand them. I am wondering if there's a setup that would be even better than what i have.
My raid0 starts overloading at ~53mb/s.

Any suggestions ?

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Re: Raid0 cache, write through & write back.

Post by Peter » Tue Oct 04, 2016 7:40 am

What RAID do you have?
And how does this cache works?

On Intel I had to install "Intel RST driver" to have my SSDs in RAID0 trim themselves.
And my Gigabyte RAID cannot even do TRIM on SSD if I put them in RAID.

But, anyway....
1) You can disable Windows's write caching, that can speed up things. However, if you have blackouts around your area, this is not wise.
2) You can increase qBittorrent's cache. The 64 bit version even allows more. When I had 2xHDD in RAID0, I used around ~600MB of cache, was always enough.
3) Make sure your anti-virus does not cause the slowdown. Microsoft's product is very slow for example, Avast a bit faster, Bitdefender tops charts in speed. But you can just disable anything you have for the duration of a test.
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