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Forum migrated - Request password reset!

Posted: Sat Oct 26, 2019 12:39 pm
by Peter
The migration could not migrate the password of users as they are always stored securely. Security is #1 for us.
Please, request a new password at login.

Sorry for this minor inconvenience, but this should also help us filter out inactive accounts and spammers.
You can find more information about the migration state, progress, updates in the following topic:

What changed - again - in a nutshell:
- phpBB is actively developed, while SMF's development has been stagnating for several years now. While both are 100% free, since user safety and a spam-less forum is very important to us, we will go with the actively developed forum engine.
- We have enabled - thanks to phpBB - a dozen new anti-spam measures.
- There are a few themes that I installed, we will modify most. Feel free to pick one you prefer. Most will have some qBittorrent flavor to them. We will, of course, keep the respective authors COPYRIGHT and such notices. We couldn't have a nice theme without their work.
- Thanks to the change, we will be able to throw out most junk spam in our database, and should not get much after the change either.

Happy posting everyone!

If you have trouble logging in, or have any questions, throw me an email: peter
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