Slow speeds compared to Windows qBittorrent

If you run qBittorrent in / with Docker.
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Slow speeds compared to Windows qBittorrent

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I'm sure this is just a config related thing, but the docker qBittorrent I have running is not getting anywhere near the speeds I get while downloading on a regular Windows install of qBittorrent.

Some stats:

Speed test on my server (no VPN)
-- ~900 Mbit/s down and ~190 Mbit/s up
Downloading a decently seeded movie on my server with qBittorrent docker (no VPN)
-- ~200 KiB/s down and ~250 KiB/s - ~2.0MiB/s up (Yes, usually across all active downloads, my upload speeds are usually higher)
Downloading a decently seeded movie on my Windows machine with Windows qBittorrent (with VPN)
-- ~15 MiB/s down and ~500 KiB/s - ~3.0MiB/s up

Now, part of the reason I illustrated these numbers with the Windows being behind the VPN was because my initial assumption was something to do with my VPN (NordVPN) seemingly being known for not doing port forwarding and that would limit some speeds, but even when I changed my qBittorrent docker image to not use my NordVPN docker, the speeds stayed relatively the same.

So, I have a theory it's something to do with what I read about preferred ports for qBittorrent being between like 40xxx and 60xxx or something because ISPs usually don't block those or something. (Seems the default TCP/UDP port for the qBittorrent docker image was 6881 which is apparently not a good port from what I'm understanding) What I'm ultimately trying to understand is the correlation between the docker's TCP and UDP port configurations and the setting in qBittorrent itself "Port used for incoming connections". Does changing the port in qBittorrent have no relevance if I don't also change the container's TCP/UDP port configuration?

Is there anything else I can check/change to fix this issue? I don't want to necessarily prevent anyone from spitting out all the basic speed-enhancing settings, but keep in mind, I've gone through most of the tutorials on good settings for qBittorrent and I can seemingly configure my Windows qBittorrent just fine, so I'm trying to figure out what the hang up is with this docker version.
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