please push updates thru the program not via website

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please push updates thru the program not via website

Post by kkbb112 »

Hi everyone
please for the love of god. have the updates go through the program.
Im literally burned out on updating to new versions. its great that you push updates so often, but having to go to website, click, reinstall the whole damn thing. just burns you out. especially when an update is pushed sometimes weekly

keep up good work. but please. have the program update itself. no more install containers for updates.!!! it also uses more bandwidth.
you would use much less if you just had the program update itself.

love you
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Re: please push updates thru the program not via website

Post by Peter »

tl;dr: It's not very feasible financially, unless a project is swimming in cash.
(or they are making profit from premium version/freemium model)

Mainly because qBittorrent's installer is pretty big.

I'm not the project lead, but I don't think FOSSHub provides direct download links.
And you'd need that for direct download.

CDN/Diretc download?
The site shows 132,543,580 downloads.
If we calculate with an average of 40MB, that's over 5 petabytes of data.
Of course this is for all versions.

So basically the project would need to pay for the update bandwidth, which is not cheap, considering how popular qBittorrent is.
If you use CDN like B2 (which is cheap), let's say $0.01 per GB, that's $50,000.

Host it on our own server?
Our server could only maintain 500-1000mbps speeds overall, including the website, etc.
A malicious actor could easily saturate our server bandwidth, bringing it all down. But even legitimate downloads will eat that up in no time. It's normal today for people to have 1000mbps connections at home.

Of course you can buy more bandwidth, but.. a 10gbps servers start from 700$ at OVH for example, they are expensive.
We could limit bandwidth per peer, but they could just connect from multiple IPs. And people would be frustrated with slow speeds.

Azureus/Vuze tried this, but it was a hot mess.
I could never update my version this way because it would never download.

So yeah, if anyone has any idea, feel free to post here.
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