MacOS Catalina original release is the worst.

MAC OS X specific questions, problems.
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MacOS Catalina original release is the worst.

Post by Jimbaker » Thu Oct 24, 2019 3:40 pm

was on Catalina developer beta for about 4 months till now. Had very less problems.

Very recently switched out of the developer releases. I find it horrible.

In safari youtube dark theme setting won't persist. I have to turn on dark theme everytime.
Weird preview issues, while previewing csv files, system just hangs.

Paragon NTFS driver still not available for 10.15

Microsoft power point just quits unexpectedly after slide show.

After restarting, the my iTerm setup with oh-my-zsh and some custom icons and stuff, everything is messed up.

Seriously the developer betas were far more stable than the original release.

What happened apple? And some design elements are also out of place.

I hate that we can't resize itunes, app store, podcasts, tv to a good extent.

Where is the attention to detail apple?
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