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[Set Location]

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I am currenty using qbittorrent 4.3.6 (x64) and i have a bit of an issue with "Set Location".

Here's the current setup:

Initial download location: D:\Torrent\ - 2 x HDD's in software RAID.

Once the torrent is completed it remains there until i dealt with the torrent (as in the torrent is no longer useful except for seeding).

Once the downloaded torrent is dealt with it gets moved to X:\Backup\Torrent\ - 1 x 8TB HDD which is used only for seeding.

The setup includes scheduled tasks in FreeFileSync (via Windows Task Scheduler) that backup the data from qbittorrent's installation and data folders and D:\Torrent\ to X:\Backup.
This means that downloaded torrents that are currently in D:\Torrent\ are also present in X:\Backup\Torrent\ (delay is usualy 2 days based on scheduled task).

When the time comes from a torrent to get transfered from D:\Torrent\ to X:\Backup\Torrent\, the "Set Location" function is used my selecting (often multiple) torrents, selecting "Set Location" and then the new destination.

This is where the problem comes:
Since the torrent files are already present in the new location (X:\Backup\Torrent\), an actual file move is pointless and only a re-check would have some use, although not much.
Instead of just changing the destination and reconnecting with peers (if any) in the new location, qbittorrent moves the files to the new location, overwriting the old ones (which are identical since almost 99.99999% of the files are viewed or extracted but not edited or modified) and then re-checks everything.

Are there any options to manage this feature?
I just need qbittorrent to set the new location for that/those torrent/s and continue seeding without rechecking or moving the files.
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